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LIE TO ME front cover_final.jpg

lie to me

Trust no one.

Ever since Amelia woke up in the hospital, she's been suspicious. Her friends, family, and doctors insist her near-fatal fall was an accident, but Amelia is sure she remembers being pushed. Then another girl is found nearby--one who fell but didn't survive. Amelia's fears suddenly feel very real, and with the help of her new boyfriend, Liam, she tries to investigate her own horrific ordeal. But what is she looking for, exactly? And how can she tell who's trustworthy and who might be--must be--lying to her?

The closer Amelia gets to the truth, the more terrifying her once-orderly, safe world becomes. She's determined to know what happened, but if she doesn't act fast, her next accident might be her last.

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